Features of New UK Casino Sites

If you’re new to online gambling, the sheer volume of online casinos might seem overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which site to sign up with. There are a number of new casinos online, all offering different benefits and bonuses to members. Most online casinos, however, will offer many of the same features. So what can you expect to find when signing up with a UK casino?

Welcome Offers

These offers are intended to attract new players and can vary wildly between sites. Most online casinos will offer some form of incentive to new players, however. These offers can include things such as free gaming time, during which new members can play for free, or welcome bonuses, where players are given a cash sum when they complete their first deposit. Some bonuses might be deposited into your account right away, while others might be released in increments after a certain period of time or after you’ve played through a certain amount of your own money.

Free Play

Most UK sites will feature some kind of free play for members. This might take the form of freeroll tournaments in poker, free chances to win on the slots or free gaming paid for by way of “play” chips or tokens. Free gaming is a great way to learn your way around a new site and to check out all the features on offer. It’s also a good way to get used to games you haven’t played previously before taking the plunge and playing with real money. Some sites will award cash prizes to the winners of free-play games in certain tournaments or under promotions. Many sites allow players to continue playing with free “play” chips for as long as they like, and, in some cases, large numbers of chips can be accrued and used to enter prize draws or similar.

Loyalty Programmes

As the online gambling world becomes increasingly competitive, sites are pulling out all the stops to retain existing customers. Many UK casinos offer loyalty programmes, often with tiered membership levels. The more you play, the more benefits you’ll receive as a member of one of these tiered schemes. Some sites also offer re-load bonuses, meaning you can enjoy a similar bonus to those offered to new members on their first deposit.

Responsible Gambling

Online casinos in the UK are regulated by the Gambling Commission, an official body which oversees all online and offline gambling providers. The Commission ensures online casinos comply with certain rules and conditions, and that they encourage responsible gambling at all times. Any UK site you sign up at should display the Gambling Commission logo and include information about the ways in which they promote sensible gambling. Sites now regularly ask customers to fill in a profile setting their maximum betting amounts per day, week or month.